30 Days of Healthy Living

After completing my 30 Days of Happiness project, I am now looking at taking on a new challenge. As my happiness project was nearing an end, I thought of how much fun it was to take on something like that, and wanted to do another 30 day challenge. So, as my first 30 days ended, my next 30 days began. For the next month I will try to live a healthy lifestyle with the intention of turning it into a habit once the month is over. My new project will be 30 Days of Healthy Living, and again I will document my progress on my Twitter account and post the results on here when the 30 days is up.

My healthy living will incorporate healthy eating habits, regular exercise and activities, and a healthy mindset. I look forward to this new challenge and what each day will bring.challenge


Remember Why You Started

Today while I was in the gym I heard the song Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers and it took me back a few years. At the time I was listening to that song quite a bit, as it really made me think of where my place was in the world, what I wanted to do, and in some way what was my purpose.

As I listened to this song I began to think of what I wanted to do and what I wanted to do with my life. From that, My List was born. I started writing down a bunch of things I wanted to accomplish and made a point of making a list of 100 things.

I never wanted any recognition for what I did or have done, as this whole project was an individual journey. I don’t think what I do, because I publish things from my mind and from my heart, makes me any better than anyone else; my hope was always that if I could inspire anyone in some small way to pursue their goals, then my mission would be accomplished.

I know that I look for motivation and inspiration on a daily basis, whatever can keep my spirits high and continually following my path, so if my small project can reach anyone else and do the same for them, the reason why I started will be warranted.

Thanks you to everyone who reads this for your continued support, it is greatly appreciate and doesn’t go unnoticed.

The Journey Began With a Single Step

IdealistTwo and a half years ago I sat down with an idea in mind, I wanted to set a list of places I wished to visit, hoping that writing them down would help me keep the goal in mind. After I started this list, it evolved into a series of 100 goals I wanted to accomplish. Things that would challenge, inspire, and motivate me to step out of my comfort zone and work on being the best version of myself I could be.

In order to stay motivated I created this blog to keep perspective of what I intended to do. It started off with a few accomplished goals, but evolved into (mostly) daily posts. I have kept myself motivated by coming up with these posts, and along the way inspired some people who have been all too kind in adding comments and well wishes. I have been humbled in the amount of views this small project has achieved, and I hope to continue providing some inspiration to those who visit.

This post marks somewhat of a milestone, as this is my 1,000 post! I never knew where this would take me, and I don’t know where it is headed next, but I know that I am on my way.




Setting Fire to Yesterday

A new month is upon us, and for me, it’s a time to stop thinking about what happened in the past and moving ahead with the future. It is time to set fire to yesterday and walk away. A new beginning will arise from the ashes.

It is also time to surround myself with those who understand and appreciate the situation and help me fan the flames as I burn the past.

Today is a beautiful reminder of why we can only get brighter.

fan the flames

When It’s Dark Enough, You Can See the Stars

when its dark enoughA few weeks ago I hit quite a low in my life. Things weren’t going my way, and I was feeling lost. I had some dark moments where I really doubted myself and my purpose. I questioned myself and felt my life was in shambles. Because of this moment, I doubted my relationships with people and who I could really trust.

What I discovered, was that in these dark moments, the good things really became apparent to me. I started believing in myself again and trusted the good relationships I still had. Through it all, I learned more about myself and who I could trust. In the end, it was a lesson learned and I am moving on and becoming stronger because of it.

“When it’s dark enough, you can see the stars.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

A New Challenge

always challengeAs the weather turns colder, and I find myself looking for ways to stay inside and keep warm, there is no better way to stay warm than to work out and keep fit. A new challenge I am putting on myself is to work towards 77. Get in optimal shape. A new person is created in 9 months, and I have 9 months to create a new me and be ready for the summer. Beast mode is going to be put into overdrive.

When I leave the gym after an intense workout, I sometimes feel like I am invincible and feel amazing. Sometimes I feel like this…

beast It will take some time, and it will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but I have a goal in mind, and the challenge is on. With the right frame of mind, anything is possible. I will find the motivation from those around me, as well as in my own accountability. Time to take on the attitude of a warrior and accept the challenge.being-born-a-warrior I am not totally giving up my social life to achieve this goal and face the challenge, but I find this quite hilarious…priorities


…So Much Heartbreak

HeartbreakAfter the excitement of Sunday nights game 6 between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins, and after the Leafs got out to a 4-1 lead with just over 10 minutes to play in the 3rd period, much of Toronto and Leafs Nation came crashing back to earth after they lost 5-4 in overtime.

It was a heartbreaking loss for Toronto, after missing the playoffs every season since 2004, who gave their fans something to be excited about. I can remember what the buzz around the city was like 9 years ago, and it really felt like the city was starting to embrace it once again.

It just wasn’t meant to be this year, but the team should be proud of themselves for making it this far and building on this experience for the future. Hopefully the team turned some of the critics into fans (there will still be those people who constantly get down on them), and we can build upon this for next year.

Looking forward to the 2013-14 season. GO LEAFS GO!



Do It Now

do it nowI have to keep reminding myself to get out and accomplish my goals instead of putting them off for a day when it better suits me. If I keep putting things off, eventually I will realize there is no more time to do it. Instead of worrying about external factors I need to worry about getting the things I believe to be important to me done first. This is a note to myself: Do it now!