Work at Reaching Your Goals

goalsI recently bought a Fitbit to track my daily activity and motivate myself to stay active through the day.What I am finding is that I have become even more motivated than I originally thought, as each day I want to do better than I had the previous day, and reach certain goals or benchmarks.fitbit

Yesterday was an extremely good day, and I am proud of myself for demolishing the set daily goals. I enjoyed a beautiful hike with someone who is very near and dear to me, and it was great to share such a fun activity with someone else…especially such a great person in my life.IMG-20150118-WA0007

I am looking forward to many more hikes and activities in the coming weeks and months, and can’t think of a better person to share them with.hikeSuch a beautiful day to be out enjoying nature. Yesterday was a great day!



Starting 2015 Off Right

There is just something about an empty gym that makes me happy. While the rest of the world was tucked in bed sleeping off their hangovers, I made a point of getting to the gym early this morning and getting in a solid workout.B6RUA5iIQAAMxAtThe gym is my happy place, and I may be addicted, but I just love to lift.

The only person who can keep me motivated and on target is myself. It is time to be accountable and finally achieve my goal 77. Get in optimal shape (13% body fat or less). I am nearly there and am excited to cross this off my list.

my motivation