The Recipient of a Random Act of Kindness

Yesterday, as I was attempting make my way back to my place, I was struggling to come up with enough change to get on the streetcar here in Toronto. As the streetcar pulled up, I managed to get the exact amount of change for the trip. However, before I could step onto the streetcar, a lady approached me and said “I could see you were having trouble getting the exact change, why don’t you just come on with me since I have a day pass and it will count for both of us and you can save your change?” I stopped, shocked that someone would be so kind to make this offer, and thanked her for her kindness as we both got onto the streetcar. I asked her why she would do something like that to a complete stranger when she didn’t have to, and she said “I don’t get to do it often, but you look like someone who would appreciate something like this being done for them.” You know what, she was absolutely right. I was, and still am, completely appreciative, thankful, and amazed at this random act of kindness, and promised her I would pay the gesture forward. She smiled, and as I was about to get off at my stop, said “I would like nothing more than for you to do just that.”faith in humanity

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