Remember Why You Started

Today while I was in the gym I heard the song Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers and it took me back a few years. At the time I was listening to that song quite a bit, as it really made me think of where my place was in the world, what I wanted to do, and in some way what was my purpose.

As I listened to this song I began to think of what I wanted to do and what I wanted to do with my life. From that, My List was born. I started writing down a bunch of things I wanted to accomplish and made a point of making a list of 100 things.

I never wanted any recognition for what I did or have done, as this whole project was an individual journey. I don’t think what I do, because I publish things from my mind and from my heart, makes me any better than anyone else; my hope was always that if I could inspire anyone in some small way to pursue their goals, then my mission would be accomplished.

I know that I look for motivation and inspiration on a daily basis, whatever can keep my spirits high and continually following my path, so if my small project can reach anyone else and do the same for them, the reason why I started will be warranted.

Thanks you to everyone who reads this for your continued support, it is greatly appreciate and doesn’t go unnoticed.

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