44. Pay A Strangers Bill


This is one of those goals I set that I was never really comfortable with in publishing when I originally came up with my list. I don’t believe that random acts of kindness are things that should be publicized, because you are taking away from the act itself, and putting more of the act on yourself instead.

There are websites that promote random acts of kindness, but people will only submit their acts for the recognition, when the act should really be an anonymous gesture of kindness to your fellow human. It is not about promoting yourself as being a good human being.

Anyway, today while at work I found $50, and because there was no way of finding out who lost this money in such a public space, I decided that the best way to disperse my new findings was to not take joy in it myself, but instead to pay that good fortune forward. I decided to buy lunch for 3 individuals and drinks for another random 2 on my way home from work.

I didn’t deserve to keep this money for myself, so the best way to spend my new-found fortune was to share it with others, in hope that they would recognize my kindness and some day pay it forward themselves. I didn’t want anything from this money, except the hope that others would take some small joy in a random act of kindness.

I am still not comfortable in writing about this, and it wasn’t a large sum of money, but I hope that if anyone takes anything from this, they too will recognize the joy and happiness in sharing the wealth and paying it forward. Today (day 12 of my 30 days of Happiness) was a good day, and it was because I was able to some small happiness to others for even a brief moment.


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