Do Not Judge By Appearances

big heartThey way we look is no indication of the person we are. What we choose to wear, how we style our hair, or what our facial appearance or expression may show, has no relevance to what is inside of us.

The old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover is very appropriate in today’s society. Too often we rush to judgement based on what a person looks like. Appearances can be deceiving, and go both ways. A person may look completely harmless, but my turn out to be malicious or disingenuous, or they good could look threatening or suspicious, and turn out to be the nicest and most loving person you’ll ever know (or not know, because you judged them and never gave them a chance.

Before you judge a person’s character, just be certain that you get to know who the are on the onside before brushing them off based on their appearance alone.


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