The Power of a Moment


How many times have you found yourself saying “I’ll get to it another time”, or passed on doing something because you just didn’t feel like it?

Now think about what you could potentially have passed up by letting that moment pass.

So many things could happen in a single moment, and by passing it up, you’ll never know what you could have missed. The moment could have passed you by, and you’ll look back and think, “I wish I had really taken the opportunity while I had the chance.”

I am admittedly shy, and I sometimes wonder how many opportunities I let slip by because of my shyness. Where would I be today if I just asserted myself a little more or spoken up when given the chance. A series of lost moments adds up and could have molded my life differently had things played out differently.

What about how quickly things can change in a single moment? If A had happened instead of B, your life could be dramatically different. Is it different for the better, or for worse? You’ll never know what could have been because of how a single moment changed things, and set you in a different direction.

My father recently suffered a heart attack and is thankfully OK and on the road to recovery. Quick action by my mother set things in the right direction, but theoretically it could have been much different. I don’t want to think of the alternative, but that moment could have gone drastically different, and the course of the future would have been shaped differently because of it.

It is very cliché to say, but time is precious, and all time is are a series of moments. Live in the moment, and value what you have right now. The more you look ahead, the more you miss the moments you have to appreciate.

Use your time wisely. Seize every moment.



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