The Journey Began With a Single Step

IdealistTwo and a half years ago I sat down with an idea in mind, I wanted to set a list of places I wished to visit, hoping that writing them down would help me keep the goal in mind. After I started this list, it evolved into a series of 100 goals I wanted to accomplish. Things that would challenge, inspire, and motivate me to step out of my comfort zone and work on being the best version of myself I could be.

In order to stay motivated I created this blog to keep perspective of what I intended to do. It started off with a few accomplished goals, but evolved into (mostly) daily posts. I have kept myself motivated by coming up with these posts, and along the way inspired some people who have been all too kind in adding comments and well wishes. I have been humbled in the amount of views this small project has achieved, and I hope to continue providing some inspiration to those who visit.

This post marks somewhat of a milestone, as this is my 1,000 post! I never knew where this would take me, and I don’t know where it is headed next, but I know that I am on my way.





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