89. Bake Someone a Birthday Cake

This was one of those items a saw as being relatively easy, but since I had never baked anything before, saw it as also being a challenge. Many birthdays have passed since I first wrote down all 100 of my goals, but I never took advantage of the opportunity to test my baking skills.

Since my Mom’s birthday is this week, and I am back home visiting, I figured this is the perfect opportunity. The added bonus is that, even if the birthday cake didn’t turn out, she would never let me know.

This is completely new to me, and I really had no idea how to bake a cake. In the past I would just go to the store and pick up a cake instead of attempting this. I have eaten many cakes in my life, but never even considered baking one myself.

I am not going to be posting any recipes anytime soon, or trying out for any baking reality shows. But it was a good learning opportunity and got me out of my comfort zone.

In the end, I am glad I tried something new, and I think for a first try it turned out alright (For the record: I am better at icing a cake than taking the cake out of the pan). Who knows, maybe I will try it again down the road and see what I can improve on. There is always next year.IMG_20140122_160824Happy Birthday Mom!



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