Hard Work Pays Off


My reaction when I was told I am more or less fully healed, and right on the timeline I set out for myself prior to my surgery.

It has been 3 months since I had my surgery to repair a torn labrum in my shoulder. Today I got the go-ahead to return to work without any restrictions. I was pretty excited to hear this news since I have been working extremely hard in physiotherapy to return to full strength at the 3 month mark. The recovery was tough, and at times very frustrating, but I didn’t give up and kept pushing myself each day to achieve the goal I set for myself. It may not seem like a lot, but I am pretty proud of this accomplishment and will celebrate the small victories!

2 thoughts on “Hard Work Pays Off

  1. Nice story man! I feel motivated at it, did u really recover in 3 months? I have a mri tomorrow & i think my labrum is tore idk. Its really hard to not work out. I really love it & at times i almost want to give up & just be a skinny runt.. But it inspired me to not give up.. Any advice??

    • Thanks! Good luck with the MRI, hopefully it’s nothing too serious and you get your results quickly. I did recover in 3 months, but still have some problems with overhead movements where the muscle is still pretty tight. Take time and listen to your body, no need to push yourself and injure yourself even more. Physiotherapy really help, so if you’re not already doing it I would suggest making an appointment to help the recovery. Any specifics about exercises or recovery or whatever just let me know.

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