Never Forgotten

A day and an image I will never forget

There are certain moments in history where you can remember exactly what you were doing when it happened. I can remember watching TV late one Saturday night with my sister when I heard that Princess Diana had been killed. I can remember sitting in my room about to go to bed after watching a playoff basketball game when it was interrupted by news that OJ Simpson was involved in a car chase. I can remember sitting in class when someone told me that Michael Jackson had died.

It is unfortunate, but many of these moments are triggered by tragedy or negative events. On September 11th, 2001, I was sleeping in because I didn’t have any classes until later that afternoon. My roommate knocked on my door and I ignored it hoping she would realize I was sleeping and leave me be. When I didn’t answer the knock, she opened my door and told me to quickly come downstairs because I wouldn’t believe what she was about to tell me. I thought to myself ‘what could be so important that you would walk into my room to wake me up?’ I had no idea what I was about to witness.

As I rolled out of bed, put some clothes on and made my way downstairs I could hear my roommate gasping at whatever it was she was watching. I turned the corner and could hear news updates of what was transpiring. Unable to grasp what was really happening, I sat down and collected myself for a moment as I was still waking up. When I sat down, the picture on the TV quickly changed to show a plane flying low in the New York skyline; what happened next is something I will never forget and find it unbelievable still to this day. As the plane slammed into the second tower my jaw literally dropped and I got a sick feeling in my stomach. How could this possibly be happening?

When the towers both fell I didn’t think this was really happening, it must have all been a dream. Watching the horror happen in real-time and witnessing the shock and disbelief in eyes and voices of newscasters and eye-witnesses on the scene added to make it a moment that I will not soon forget, and should never forget, as too many people lost their lives that day.

We should remember this tragedy and never forget those who lost their lives, and those who gave their lives to help save others.

9/11 Memorial in New York City


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