Are You Ready?

I love watching the Olympics and am getting pretty excited to watch the Summer Games this year. Two years ago when the Winter Olympics were in Vancouver I found myself watching as many events as I could, even if I had never had an interest in the sport before, ie. cross-country skiing, it was just the excitement of competition, the athleticism, and the emotion that the athletes showed in going all out in their respective sports in order to win. It is pretty amazing to think of how fortunate these athletes are to be able to say that they are amongst the best in the World at what they do and they should all be honored to be in London.

I tend to really look forward to the track and field and swimming events at the Summer Games, but this year I hope to catch as many events as I can. I will be cheering for all the Canadian athletes to do well in their respective sports while also hoping to catch some history in the process with world record-breaking performances from other athletes as well. The opening and closing ceremonies are also must see television and I am curious as to what London will do for these Games.

What are you most looking forward to watching?



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