15. Sell a painting of mine and donate the proceeds to charity (UPDATE)

A few months ago I did a series of paintings for my friend Jason, with the deal that he would donate the money I would charge him to charity. Well it took a while to find a charity, but after giving it some thought, I decided upon the Nova Scotia Gambia Association. The reason I chose this organization is because while I was studying International Development out in Halifax, a classmate and friend of mine Kristen ran a very successful event each year that raised money for this organization. The event was called Art for Tomorrow, and what the event did was bring many artists (professional and amateur alike) to paint as many pictures as they could, donate them, and then sell tickets for $10 which would get you one of these randomly selected pieces of art.

From the NSGA:

Since 1985, NSGA has fostered citizenship, volunteerism, and skill development by providing opportunities for youth, students, and community groups to participate in projects that link West Africa and Nova Scotia. Working with partners in The Gambia and Canada, NSGA projects are supported by numerous volunteers each year.

I believe this is a great cause, and I would like to thank Jason for his very generous donation to this organization.


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