The Way You Make Me Feel

It is hard to imagine that it was 3 years ago today that Michael Jackson passed away. I remember exactly what I was doing the day that I heard this news. I had just finished doing a pretty big presentation for a course I was taking in summer school and one of my classmates announced it to the class. At first I was fairly stunned to hear this, and still find it hard to believe the way he went. I had listened to his music for most of my life and remember growing up listening to his Thriller album on cassette. When I was in grade 7, two friends and myself were supposed to perform an air-band of a Weird Al Yankovic song, but we brought the wrong tape and had to do an improvisation to Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are the World’ last-minute. He will forever be remembered for the great music he provided us all, and the many memorable performances he put on. We will always celebrate the life of Michael Jackson.


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